Offsite Backups

Complete Backup Protection

Let us show you how our backup solution can replace thousands of dollars of expensive tapes and unreliable drives. Our solution protects your business by combining onsite, offsite and online backup in a single software solution.

  • Onsite – Fast, convenient backup and restore that you control
  • Offsite – Protection for your data in your office, in your home or on the road
  • Hosted online – Insurance against fire, theft and other disaster scenarios

    Continuous Backups

    Why wait until 10PM for your scheduled backups to run? Offsite backups run continuously and can safely preserve file revisions up to the minute throughout the day.


    Supported Operating Systems

    Our onsite and offsite backup solution works on the following operating systems and offers a uniform look and feel.

    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows Server 2008
    • Windows 7
    • Apple OSX
    • Linux
    • Solaris

    In addition to providing a reliable solution our backup software provides the highest level of security with encrypt before transmission technology. All files are encrypted with AES 448bit keys.

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